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The Maze
Solution Limited

Lead to be Smarter

IoT, AI and mobile networks (e.g. 5G, 4G, LTE) are the key technologies that will change our life in the future. We leverage these technologies to build an open platform for our subscribers to manage their devices anytime and anywhere.

Key Values

Easy, fast and economical to
enable IoT

Aim to support
no Wi-Fi environment

Focus on B2B
end-to-end solution

Remote control device

Products & 
Technology Descriptions

Our client's device can easily enable IoT services if the device is integrated with our self-developed NB-IoT module built-in with a customised MCU. Moreover, OTA feature is enabled in the module so NB's MCU and the device's MCU can be updated via OTA. 


The Cloud platform is developed with the latest IoT technologies on the zero trust security model. Our client can use the features on the platform to remotely control or monitor their devices in anytime and anywhere. This objective is to increase device management efficiency for reducing the frequency of onsite support/maintenance. 


We leverage AI technology to optimise clients’ operation with the data collected from IoT devices. Moreover, we use ML technology to strengthen IoT devices as smarter devices to process data locally.


In the future, we will do research to modify the module via other wireless technologies (e.g. 5G network) and enhance the platform to provide more advanced AIoT-related features.

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