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IoT Solutions 

Potential Solutions

Blockchain IoT

  • Integrate with blockchain device plugs to launch projects on a blockchain in real-time

  • Stores biometric logins on blockchain to access IoT devices

Integrations to robots / devices

Mission Critical Communications

  • Strong security

  • Low latency

  • High reliability

High Mobility & Deep Coverage

  • Monitor at wild (e.g., farmland, forest)

  • Hard-to-reach location (e.g., rooftop, carpark)

Massive IoT

  • Low Energy Consumption

  • Low Complexity

  • Massive Deployment

Support Various
Communication Interfaces

Current Cases

Air Handling Unit Room (AHU)

• No Wi-Fi

• Remote control

• Manage a number of devices

Staff Area

• No or weak Wi-Fi

• Manage a number of disinfection device in different locations

Public Washroom

• Weak Wi-Fi signal

• Integration with partner

• Regular or on-demand disinfections


• Weak Wi-Fi signal

• Low operation cost

• Schedule disinfections

Partner & Customer

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